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Melo and the Model

GAME OF ZONES (S6:E4) Ser Chris Paul tries to teach Ser Carmelo the analytical ways of House Rockets.

The North Remembers

GAME OF ZONES (S6:E3) House Raptors must make a difficult sacrifice if they want a chance to claim the O’Brien Throne.


GAME OF ZONES (S6:E2) Ser MarShon Brooks travels west for Phoenicia, while the Brotherhood with One Banner captures the Boogie Knight on his way to House Warriors.

The Dire Wolf

GAME OF ZONES (S6:E1) Ser Jimmy Butler makes his case to be traded from House Timberwolves.

Ronaldo thinking


THE CHAMPIONS (S2:E1) Cristiano Ronaldo has just made a shocking discovery: he’s getting old. Note: This episode was originally written for season 1 but moved to season 2.

King’s LAnding

GAME OF ZONES (XMAS SPECIAL 2018) The King arrives in Los Angeles to great fanfare, only to discover there are some still loyal to the old king…

Season 1 Reunion Show

THE CHAMPIONS (S1:E9) After an eventful first season at the Chateau, The Champions gather for a reunion show hosted by Kate Abdo!


The CHAMPIONS (S1:E8) The annual Ballon D’Or party is rudely interrupted by the murder of Neymar! Can the Champions figure out whodunnit?

Magical Connection

THE CHAMPIONS (S1:E7) ‘The Little Magician’ Philippe Coutinho puts on a magic show for his housemates, but when Mo Salah and Sergio Ramos get involved, things don’t go quite as planned…

The Flair Five

THE CHAMPIONS (S1:E6) Croatian superstar Luka Modric gets a makeover from the Flair Five!