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He Said He Said

TERRANCE Terrance features little moments from the life of Terrance.

Game of Cones

Game of Cones

“FEAR AND COOKIE DOUGH” TRAILER Season 1 trailer for ‘Game of Cones.’ (EDIT 5.6.2020) Before Game of Zones there was Game of Cones, and before Game of Cones there was… MORE »Game of Cones

buddy bird

Buddy Bird – Lenny Dogstra

Buddy’s got a new look and some new (old) friends. On this episode, he discusses his recent dog mishap.


Darrel Strawberry

Here’s the intro sequence for ‘Darrel Strawberry’ (not THAT Darryl Strawberry), a new cartoon coming soon to

Darrel Strawberry may look like a happy-go-lucky cartoon, but he’s actually a seriously deformed human living in the real world. He’s cute and he knows he’s ‘special’, but that don’t pay the bills. Oh, and he’s Greg Zoobro’s best childhood friend from his special school days.

markmarcmark featured image

Epic Toothbrush Race

Sometimes I help my ‘buddies’ at make some marketing misfires for their site. Here’s one for a contest they had where each kid patient was given a special colored… MORE »Epic Toothbrush Race

Hammerhead Shark

Anything Does StanD UP (EP.1) First installment of ‘Anything Does Stand-Up Comedy,’ where literally anything can take the stage. In this episode, a hammerhead shark discusses the pitfalls of life… MORE »Hammerhead Shark

Alabama City Gets Going

This is Minty’s first attempt at getting his ideas out there. He lays out a compelling argument for why ‘Alabama City Gets Going’ could be the next big hit.

Buddy Bird (EP2)

Philly sports fanatic and objective sports journalist Buddy Bird talks Joe Blanton’s arbitration, McNabb’s future (well past future now), and the history of the Dallas Cowboys. (Created January, 2010)