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Mutsack Official Statement on the ‘Lefty’ Glove Controversy

In mid-October, we released Sports Friends episode 208, ‘The 18,’ in which Phil Mickelson converses with Tiger Woods on the golf course. We quickly received a number of emails, comments, and tweets notifying us that Phil (nicknamed ‘Lefty’) had his glove on the wrong hand. Some typical examples follow:

“Why does Phil have a glove on his left hand? Ooops!” -KyleB, Yahoo user

“wrong hand for phil’s golf glove. no attention to detail” -Jared, Yahoo user

“except the guy who created this doesn’t know enough about Phil to recognize that his glove is on the wrong hand! Typical media guy who knows nothing about sports and/or golf” -Ron T., Yahoo user

It’s true. We were being typical media guy. Unfortunately, we are unable to remake the cartoon with the glove on the correct hand. The employee responsible for the mistake, however, has been killed, and we will ensure all future episodes are thoroughly fact-checked.



The Mutsack Team