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Extreme Staring Contest: Turkey Edition

What happens when two animated turkeys face off in a staring contest?  Not too much, really. Originally aired on Fox Reality Channel’s ‘Reality Binge’ in 2008

Kids Show Crossfire

Col. Doug Stanvell and Dr. Farts McCarrots discuss the tweening of Dora the Explorer

Greg Zoobro

Greg Zoobro was born with a terrible deformity: he has no body. He’s just a head with arms and legs. His organs are all packed inside the bottom of head.

In this first (and currently only animated) ‘episode’ of Greg Zoobro, Greg loses his stool.

(Created in winter 2009)

Judge Lipster Cobb

With so many court shows on television, and so many different judges, it was only a matter of time until produce was properly represented.  If you like ‘corn’y puns, then… MORE »Judge Lipster Cobb