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Jose Reyes Calls David Wright

BASEBALL FRIENDS David Wright receives a late night call from his teammate and friend, Jose Reyes.This was the second ever episode of Baseball Friends, the precursor to ‘Sports Friends’

Ryan Howard and Chase Utley

BASEBALL FRIENDS Chase and Ryan snuggle up on the bus and talk about their dreams. EDIT 5.5.2020: This was the original cartoon that eventually became Sports Friends. Some call this…
buddy bird_feat

Buddy Bird – Lenny Dogstra

Buddy’s got a new look and some new (old) friends. On this episode, he discusses his recent dog mishap.

Ron Diviglio – Plague Doctor

Ron Diviglio may not be the most ‘hands on’ doctor around, but at least he makes house calls. Before ‘House,’ Dr. Diviglio was the last hope for the gravely ill. …

Darrel Strawberry

Here's the intro sequence for 'Darrel Strawberry' (not THAT Darryl Strawberry), a new cartoon coming soon to Darrel Strawberry may look like a happy-go-lucky cartoon, but he's actually a…

Epic Toothbrush Race

Sometimes I help my ‘buddies’ at make some marketing misfires for their site. Here’s one for a contest they had where each kid patient was given a special colored…

Hammerhead Shark

Anything Does StanD UP (EP.1) First installment of ‘Anything Does Stand-Up Comedy,’ where literally anything can take the stage. In this episode, a hammerhead shark discusses the pitfalls of life…

Alabama City Gets Going

This is Minty's first attempt at getting his ideas out there. He lays out a compelling argument for why 'Alabama City Gets Going' could be the next big hit.

Buddy Bird (EP2)

Philly sports fanatic and objective sports journalist Buddy Bird talks Joe Blanton’s arbitration, McNabb’s future (well past future now), and the history of the Dallas Cowboys. (Created January, 2010)

Buddy Bird (EP1)

Meet Buddy Bird. He's a die-hard Philly sports fan, and like all fellow Philly fans, is completely level-headed and logical. (Created August 2009)

Loveline: The Cartoon

This was a pilot presentation for an animated version of the popular radio show ‘Loveline.’ ┬áLong story short, the content was a wee bit too racy. Dr. Drew was on…